Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pear Jam Twenty

Last night I went to the Belcourt Theater to see Pearl Jam Twenty with a couple of friends. It's hard for me to believe that PJ, along with Nirvana and DMB have been around for 20 years. The music of the early 90's and 90's in general are my JAM. I can't believe it is essentially considered oldies music as in many cities it now has it's own dedicated station. My favorite part of my drive from Nashville to Charleston, WV is the part just before Elizabethtown and Lexington along the Bluegrass parkway where I can tune in the Generation X station. There is just something about music from the 90's that is so deeply attached to memories of growing up. I love the memories that a song can bring like driving around in my car listening to One Headlight by the Wallflowers or going to my first concert (Dave Matthews Band).

For a band that has been around so long I really didn't know a whole lot about their entire history. This documentary did a great job of touching on their early career and how they changed because of the fame. I am sure the diehard or just more knowledgeable fans will be more aware of things that were left out. The scenes of Seattle and the Northwest definitely made me miss Seattle. I also know that if your favorite band ever plays in Europe you should go. Seeing scenes of their shows in Veronoa, Italy definitely brought back memories of seeing Dave Matthews Band in Lucca. Also, I have a new desire to listen to the entire Pearl Jam catalog. I wouldn't be surprised if some Pearl Jam ends up on my marathon play list.

I love having the Belcourt Theater in Nashville. Besides showing movies the Belcourt also has concerts. This year I saw the Hood to Coast movie and Conan O'brien's Can't Stop. I really need to see more documentaries. Do you have an independent movie theater in your city?


esther said...

Several, actually ;). After this post, I can't wait to see this movie!

Sarah said...

Ha! I know! I have seen DMB more times in Amsterdam than I have in Charleston, WV. I am sure you will enjoy the movie.

nathan said...

Kentucky Theater, downtown. That's where Woodsongs tapes.

Sarah said...

If Woodsongs tapes there, I bet it's a lot like the Belcourt which also has concerts too!