Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Tomato Arts 5k

I ran 13.1 miles tonight. As part of a training run. 2 hours 8 minutes. And my last mile was 8:28. I am right where I want to be as far as training goes. 10 minute miles training will hopefully translate to 9:15-9:30 minute marathon miles. I am still trying to wrap my mind around this. It's somewhat baffling to think that this was *just* a training run when 2 years ago I was running my first 5k ever, The Tomato Arts 5k. It's a little bittersweet that I will be out of town this weekend and have to miss East Nasty's race. I can't wait to see the pictures and here how awesome the Potato to Tomatoes are going to do.

It's crazy to think the first time I ran the race I literally knew a handful of people at the race. One of them being Annie P. The same Annie P who suggest I join East Nasty. A big THANK YOU to Annie Parsons! I can't imagine what I would be doing if I hadn't started running last January with East Nasty.

So there will be no race recap from me this year, but in case you missed them the past two years you can still read about them.

2009 Pre Race
2009 Race Results 1
2009 Race Results 2
2010 Pre Race
2010 Results

Have a great weekend!


hootenannie said...

Your current runs might be baffling to you, but they're not baffling to anyone else. You are INCREDIBLE, Sarah - I'm so glad that a little suggestion 2 years ago has led to so many amazing experiences and relationships!

Rooting for you always. :)

nathan said...

One of these days we'll come down and run the Tomato 5K with you.