Monday, November 22, 2010

Change of Plans

So I didn't get up this morning and go to the gym. Instead I slept in and got 9 hours of sleep. When I woke up? I felt the best I had felt in a week! No puffy eyes either. I also didn't have to drag myself out of bed to get ready either. So I packed my gym bag, made my lunch, and had a great breakfast of a bagel thin with almond butter and a banana and I was only a few minutes late to work!

Immediately after work I high tailed it to the Y with my US Weekly and my iPod. My 60 minutes and the arc trainer flew by and I just felt better. Sweat and all. I headed home, but not without a quick stop for a diet coke, to start dinner. No clue what I was going to make either. I ended up cutting up a yukon gold potato, coating with olive oil, and a spice mix of garlic, cayenne pepper, and salt and baking in the oven. So, so good. So good when my roommate came home she tried one and then I told her how she could make it and she made the exact same thing. I also had some leftover salad with tomatoes and a garbanzo/green bean/kalamata olive/balsamic vinegar combo I put together.

Now I know a lot of you read The Pioneer Woman. But, I am not sure how many of you have seen her Thanksgiving throw down with Bobby Flay. I watched it last week and the Pumpkin Bread Pudding totally caught my eye. I didn't make the bread pudding tonight, but I did make his pumpkin bread recipe used in the bread pudding. I added chocolate chips to one loaf (I made a double batch.). And this might be one of my favorite pumpkin breads. And it would be simply decadent if you used it for french toast!

And even though I made not one, but loaves, I had two tiny slivers with a glass of milk. The rest of it is going to work tomorrow!

Oh, and I have issued myself a challenge of sorts. I weighed myself this morning and it wasn't pretty. At. All. And I have decided I am going to LOSE weight this holiday season. Anyone else with me or am I the only crazy one?

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to lose weight, too, and I have it as a goal, but I also don't want to spend the holidays depressed and keeping myself from eating the things I love. So, I'm making a compromise...I still have to work out extra hard, eat healthy most days, but Thanksgiving and the day after, I'm not going to stress. I'm going to try not to overindulge, but I'll indulge if I want. I think that's the best way for me to make it through. Good luck!!! :)