Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Carrot in Front of the Horse

  • I bought a magazine (US Weekly) in order to make myself go to the gym tomorrow morning.
  • I don't remember the last time I went to the gym.
  • I didn't go on my long run this running buddy bailed, I have been sick, and my feet have been bothering me.
  • I have been sick since I got back from NYC. I have been going to bed early...some nights before 10 and sleeping until about 7, if can.
  • Something is not right with my feet, they have been sore since my run on Wednesday. Today was the first day they started to feel better.
  • I made banana bread and it was only ok. My roommate thinks it's awesome, but she can't bake, so anything homemade is awesome to her.
  • I am going to Springfield, MO this year for Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday, I'm a little nervous about the unfamiliarity of Springfield. I've never been there and I don't know my way around. It's not like I really hung out with any high school friends in Charleston, but at least I knew where things were. I guess I need to get used to it...I'm going to Springfield for Christmas too. And I am dreaming of a flight to Springfield at Christmas. 7 hour drive. One.Way. UGH.
  • I am still suffering from post vacation depression, but at least I have Thanksgiving this week!

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