Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Could I please just stop ravenously eating/bingeing the week before my period? I mean it is really out of control, but only for a few days. And poof! it goes away just like that. I wish it would never come. Because seriously, it also brings with it some pretty crazy thoughts and emotions (when I am normally pretty emotionless as far as crying goes...)
Some of the random thoughts I have had since 5 AM
-I don't want to go to my gym class.
-Can I call in sick today?
-Maybe tomorrow would be a better day to call in?
-Those damn sorority girls drank too much last night and of course they aren't in class this morning.
-I don't want to be in this gym class.
-What exactly am I doing with my job/career?
-Maybe I will go on a beach vacation only by myself over Labor Day Weekend?
-I am so excited about an upcoming trip!
-Maybe I want to be in a relationship way too bad and that's why it isn't happening?
-Why do I binge?
-Am I really sure I want to go to work today?
-Maybe I am depressed?
-I went to bed at 9 last night. I should be in a better mood.

Foods I have eaten in the past hour:
2 spoonfuls of crunchy peanut butter
3 low sugar granola bars
2 coconut chocolate nests

Umm, so I have pretty much eaten my entire calories for the day in the course of about 1 hour. Go me. Or not.

Oh and my Monday afternoon was completely wacked. Even for me. I left work early to go to the dentist for what was supposed to be my last appointment before I got my crown and veneer. Well it's not. They didn't have a specific piece of equipment because my oral surgeon didn't send it over. So they had to send a currier to get it. What did I do while I waited? I was hooked up to the gas and watched Law and Order SVU. They finally got the part and had to unscrew something in my mouth and take molds. Because you see I have an actually metal screw type thing in my mouth. So in about 3 weeks I go back. And then in another 3 weeks I should have a complete grill or at least I hope.

Death Cab was Monday night. It was awesome, but I think I hyped the show so much in my mind that I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. Plus the average age of the 2200 people at the show had to have been about 19.5 years old. I felt old.


kaseybobasey said...

Sarah! Don't be so hard on know, period week SUCKS! Keep the exercise going, helped me SO MUCH! I usually always gain like 2 pounds that week and then have to work extra hard the next week! I too, CANNOT stay away from the peanut butter! It will get better, I promise!! Keep trucking, girl! :)

krissir said...

I totally could have written this. I mean, I have been so incredibly hungry the past 2 days. We just left Liquor Barn with just cookies and milk, if that tells you anything. It will be over soon, right?

Nikki said...

Hang in there, Sarah. I ask alot of these same questions! And as for the relationship, it WILL happen. You're too awesome not to find someone completely stellar soon. Very soon!

lainb said...

You're SOOOOO not alone with that cycle! I wish it would just NEVER start, but you're right that "poof" it ends eventually (only to come back too soon). Who decided on the 28-30 day time frame anyway?

Anonymous said...

Gosh that sounds like my life this week. Way to say it! And if I saw Death Cab in concert this week (they're one of my fave bands--just saw them in April), I would've been in tears the whole time. Damn hormones.

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