Friday, April 17, 2009


Dear 5 Former Sorority* Girls who invaded my boot camp class this morning-

I almost didn't come to class this morning, but since I am paying for it, I got my butt out of bed. Immediately upon walking into the Y I prayed to sweet baby Jesus that you all were going to a yoga or maybe even a spin class and not my beloved boot camp class. You see it's April 17, not April 27th when the new session starts, so the trainers were unprepared for the dramatic increase in numbers this morning. And I was not in a good mood to hear you all laughing so early in the morning. THEN I found out from my friend (who was really glad to see me this morning when she thought she might have to face these former sorority girls on her own) the reason you all came: So you could eat Mexican tonight. What? So you can eat some f'ing chips and booze the night away? I am there to get in shape, not so I can eat lots and lots of chips and drink margaritas. Now don't get me wrong. I love chips and drinks as much as the next girl, but working out is part of my routine. It's not something I do, just so I can eat junk later.

But, I had the last laugh. Your laughter gradually dissipated when you realized this class was no joke. And you know what? Today's class wasn't even that hard. Sure I was sweating a lot, but I always do. I might not look it, but I have the heart rate of a well conditioned athlete and I am in fairly good shape. The kicker happened when I had to do a pushing/pulling exercise with one of you and you gave up as you panted "I think I am done" and left me standing there with the body bar and no one to push/pull for the remainder of the exercise.

There is a reason I go to the 5 AM class and not the 6 AM class. The 5 AM class is less crowded and the former sorority girl infiltration is kept to a minimum.

So maybe I will see you again on Monday? Maybe we can be BFFs? Or maybe not, because I am there to workout not hang out.



*I know they were former sorority girls because their t-shirts from past events with their Greek letters and the dates were a dead give away.

(Also, I have nothing against sorority girls. One of best friends from college was one. I only have a problem when the congregate.)


ROFL-copter said...

Hahahahahaha. The BFF line was awesome!

Nothing as sweet as karmic retribution.

kaseybobasey said...

Haha, i love it! That would drive me crazy too if someone was just working out to eat mexican food!'d probably hate me at the gym because I sport my sorority t-shirts from college all the time. hehe :)

But, I'm a fat sorority girl...that has to be different!!

anna said...

heh heh. i had a good chuckle over this one. reminds me of january 1 when all those gym-rat wannabe's show up to the hardcore conditioning class and end up walking most of it...only to fade off into the sunset within a week. HA! you showed them with your push/pulls.