Thursday, April 16, 2009

Losing Control

Yep. I feel like I have totally lost all control in just a week's time. Yesterday my food intake consisted of leftover Easter candy for breakfast, 2 bagels with my salad at lunch. Some more Easter candy as an appetizer for my dinner at Pei Wei. Oh and a box of Somoas to finish off the night.


But today has at least been a little better. Oatmeal with a few walnuts and some brown sugar. And I just ate a banana for a snack. I brought fake out mac and cheese for lunch and I have another banana and 2 blood oranges at my ready.

I can do this and I will make it to the gym after work.


kaseybobasey said...

Girl, I know what you mean! It's like, if I ever skip a day at the gym or get off my diet for a second, I have SO much trouble getting back on! I'm gonna be having the same problem on May 2nd...I'm throwing my cousin a wedding shower in Hot Springs...which is 3 hrs away from where I live...NO GYM ACCESS. Sheesh...for three whole days. I don't know what I'm gonna do!

But, don't'll get your groove back, just like stella did! Don't forget your new iPod right? MOTIVATION, GIRL.

anna said...

easter candy is my nemesis! i love and hate it!! ugh.

Shayna said...

I had pei wei too :)

Kung Pau with brown rice. I saved half for tomorrow.