Monday, October 13, 2008

A Good Thing

The only good thing about today was I made it to the gym. My workout wasn't anything fancy. Arc trainer for 35 minutes and stair climber for 30. I realized how much more I like working out in the morning too.

Work sucked.
Eating was meh.

This website rocks my world. I will be cute one of these days...

I have flag football tonight and I don't want to go...

A friend just texted me that he saw Jack White near his work.

And I really just want to make out with a boy.

Tomorrow can get better right?


Kjrsten said...

THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT! By the way I think you have LOTS of cute days! I would love to post you! I haven't been here in a while, been to any good shows lately?

Krissie said...

Yes, tomorrow will be better.

I finished my day with a nice bath, shaved legs, and some yoga.

And the hope that tomorrow will be better.