Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend

The weather has been amazing the past two days. Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 72. I have taken full advantage of both days. Yesterday I went to the gym for just under 3 hours, but I decided I really wanted to go walk around the lake. So I walked around the lake for the first time since last October. Last October I was in such a bad place. I was still hurt from the breakup and I remember going there to walk and just crying. It's amazing what 4 months can do. After the walk I came home and showered to get ready for kickball practice.

See, a few weeks ago I was asked to be on a kickball team. My team from previous seasons decided to take the spring season off. So, in an attempt to meet some new people I decided to go for it. However, in normal Sarah fashion I had some real apprehensions all morning about the practice and being "the new girl" since this team (Catch it With Yo Face) played last year. So I show up at the park for practice and the guy who invited me to play was out of town. So I know no one! Oh how I love situations like this! (Umm not really) So I make a few introductions and we start to play. We break off into 3 teams, (4-4-3) and we're off. I was able to get on base most times and able to catch a few balls, as well as make a few errors. However, my crowning moments came when I played first base. First I was knocked over by a runner at first base. He felt really bad, but I was ok. Then later in the game a guy kicked a low pop fly right at me. I thought it was about my stomach level, but no. It hit me right in the crotch and bounced. I didn't skip a beat and I picked up the ball and got him out at first. However, everyone else was dying of laughter. Things from "That's gonna leave a mark" to "Catch it with your crotch" were yelled across the field. I am sure my face was bright red, but I was able to laugh about. I then proceed to get the next 2 outs of the inning, so I got all 3 outs! Boo Yeah! (maybe they felt bad for me???) We voted on a new team name, and my mind is failing me right now as to what we voted on.

Today I hung out with my little sister. We went to CPK for lunch. I ate half my BBQ chicken pizza. I was supposed to have dodgeball practice, but that got canceled so we went to the park instead. We swung on the swings, took a nice walk, and even had a "photo shoot." After I dropped her off I headed to the lake. It was seriously to nice to go to the gym, so I walked around the lake twice and listened to Dave Matthews Band- Before These Crowded Streets. It was great music and I was instantly reminded of the first time I listened to the CD. After the lake I headed to the grocery store to stalk up for the week. I bought some bananas because I had the worst charlie horse last night IN MY THIGH. I have had them in my calf before, but never in my thigh. I thought I was going to die last night.

So for dinner tonight I had oatmeal with brown sugar and a banana. It was heavenly and perfect. I will probably have a clementine in a few.

And now I leave you with pictures from the park:





Chasing Daylight* said...

Ugh it is so beautiful where you live! I'm anxious for the spring weather - - I want to be outside. It is pretty cold and snowy still.

...4 months huh?

Christie said...

Cute pictures!! Yesterday was a gorgeous day here, 75 and sunny. Then today was 35, SNOWING, and windy. Yeah. What a crazy mixed up weekend!

BTW, you look great :)

anna said...

thanks for making me laugh! i have had the flu for 4 days and i really needed that kickball story! cute photos too!

Nikki said...



I can't even imagine an hour and a half! How do you keep your mind occupied that long so you don't get bored?

marie said...

Those pics are so cute!

Sarah said...

I have loved this nice weather, but I am sure it will soon be gone. Yes, it's been more then 4 months. But the past 4 months have honestly been some of the best times I have had in Nashville.

Glad you all enjoyed the pics and the story!

Yes 3 hours at the gym. I know it is a little (er a lot crazy). I usually do weights for an hour, the arc trainer for an hour, and the tread climber for an hour if I am there that long. I have my iPod and lots of reading material. I usually read all the gossip mags at the gym and bring my own. The girl I met last week was at the gym and we chatted for about 30 minutes while we were both dying on the treadclimber.

Nikki said...

My problem is definitely that I can't read on the machines. It slows me down so much. Maybe the gossip mags (with lots of pics) would help. I have tried and tried.

The ipod works to an extent. But about 40 minutes at once is all i can do on a cardio machine with that until i get bored senseless! haha. I think I have some ADD problems. :)