Monday, July 12, 2004

So on Saturday I went to Chik-a-Filet at the mall with my roomate. I had a grilled chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries. The sandwhich was ok and so were the fries. Nothing spectacular. In fact, after a couple of fries I could really taste the oil. After dinner I went to the Great American Cookie Company. I have been craving a Doozie for what seems like months now. A doozie is 2 cookies with frosting in the middle. Boy was it good!!!!! But it sure is a doozie points wise- 12 points! Shopping wise I got a shirt size XL from NY and Company that I have been eyeing since may. It is what I would like to classify as "booty gear." But this is tasteful booty gear. It has only one sleeve, it is black, and on the one sleave it is connected with this silver ring. Hmm I wonder if that makes any sense?

On Sunday, my friend was in town, so I have been playing tour guide. I splurged when we went to the Pancake Pantry. I had strawberry pancakes AND hash brown. Man was it good too =) I showed them all around Nashville. For dinner we went to Blackstone brewery. I had never been there before. It was pretty good. I got a cobb salad. I used the fork in the dressing method. Overall, I think I made a pretty good choice considering my options. Later we went drinking downtown. My "drinking" consisted of Diet Coke. Even though I didn't drink alcohol I still had a good time. I definitly had a good time playing foosball and I was the best player out of the three of us =)

Also on Sunday I got this really cute black skirt for $15 from the Gap outlet. Today I got a white wind coat from the Gap that I am in love with =)

That's all for now =)

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