Thursday, February 05, 2004

Welcome! Ok, this is my first “official” post to my weight loss blog. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but I just got caught up in life. Yes, I have finally realized I need to lose weight. I am doing it for myself and no one is forcing me to do it. After many failed attempts I think this is the only way it will work. In the words of some acquaintances “You’ve gotta want it.” I don’t think I have ever wanted this more than I do now.

I hope no one is offended by the title of my blog. It is a reference to Tommy Boy and the late great Chris Farley. I figure I should at least have a sense of humor about this situation.

Please leave comments and suggestions! I love comments! I am going to try to use this as a motivational tool. Hopefully I will update almost daily =) You can check out my other blog La Mia Vita

Besides being fat, I am a senior (But I won’t graduate until May 2005) at Belmont University in Nashville, TN majoring in Music Business and Finance. I LOVE music. Dave Matthews Band is my favorite, but I love it all! I want to be a road manager or a tour accountant.

I have always been fat, overweight, or whatever you want to call it. I have used my height as a crutch since I am 6 ft tall. I think the last time I was normal sized was 1st grade. Yeah, I ballooned in second grade after much inspection of pictures and never looked back. In 5th, 6th, and 7th grade I could wear guess jeans, but it was tight fit. By the end of 7th grade I could no longer wear junior’s clothes. I needed “plus sized” clothing. This was during a time when there was absolutely no selection! I think the one thing that saved me during those 3 years was that I did exercise- I rode my bike everywhere. Then my family moved to West Virginia. One of, if not, the fattest states in the nation. I fit in perfectly! Hahaha! I did however seem to gain a few pounds each year and so did my mom. But I tried to deny I had a problem because I was tall and played basketball, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. Who was I kidding? Only myself. I ate crap and it showed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed high school and had a blast, but I always felt like the fattest girl. I think I felt the best about myself during the first few months of my senior year. Soccer workouts were awesome. My skin was finally clear and I was just having a good time. I left for the University of Washington in September. That summer I had gained even more weight. The concession stand at work was not my friend. I am not really sure that I gained any weight at UW, but I definitely didn’t lose. I spent 2 year at UW and then studied abroad in Europe. I was the fattest girl there, but I didn’t let that bother me. Surprisingly I actually lost a little weight while I was there. But once I got back I gained almost 30 lbs in 2 months! SO I weighed about 290lbs. Still I didn’t have much drive to lose any weight. I talked about it with my mom, but never did anything about it. I started a new school in August of 2003 in TN. I began to gain more weight and get fat rolls like I had never had before. I remember talking to my mom one night telling her I was tired of being fat. Yet I still did not do anything about it! That all changed over Christmas break! My mom had done Weight Watchers and lost almost 50lbs, but she fell off the wagon and gained about 30 lbs back. I decided I was going to do the Points program since my mom had all the literature. I started it on January 6th, 2004 and I weighed 303. I think my heaviest ever. It was definitely a wake up call. I do not want to be fat when I graduate from college in May 2005. I have more than a year to do this and I know I can! Last semester was hectic and so is this one. However I am eating better and exercising 3 times a week! It is going well. I have lost 15lbs so far since January 6th and I feel great! I was afraid of the school gym the first time I went, but now I love. I might be the fattest one there, but oh well. I have got my iPod and my Time or Business Week and I am good to go!

Ok stay tuned for more updates! If you made it this far let me know! Please, pretty please =)

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