Saturday, February 07, 2004

Nights like tonight are nights when I wish I had just a little more confidence, be a lot skinner, and have awesome clothes. So 2 of my roomates and I went to a tennis match today because one of my roomate's boyfriends play plus I am good friends with one of the guys on the team. It didn't hurt that my crush was there cheering on his friends too. So my roomates and I go out to dinner and while at dinner we get a phone call from the crush's roomate telling us to come over and drink. So about an hour later we go over there. Only to discover that they are getting ready to go out downtown. We had a drink there and then we decided to leave because we didn't want to go downtown. I sort of wanted to go because the crush was going, but at the same tiem I would feel too self-consious and I feel like I have nothing to where. They asked why we weren't going and they seemed dissapointed we weren't going. Oh well at least I saved a ton of points from not drinking too much tonight.

For dinner I went to O'Charley's with the girls. I got a club sandwhich and only ate half and half my fries. I brought the other half back. Came back and had 1 shout of vodka with diet spite which caused me to go over points. Good thing I decided to stay in because I would have been in the whole big time!

Oh well. Now I can go to bed early and wake up early to do lots of homework!

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