Friday, February 06, 2004

I have been having a pretty good day so far. I had class from 8-9:50 and then I went to the gym. I find that if I bring my workout stuff with me to class it is whole lot easier to go to the gym when I am done with class. I did the elipitcal for 20 minutes and then the treadmill for a little over an hour. I had my iPod. Note to self: John Mayer is not good work out music. Then I started to listen to Maroon 5 and I just started walking faster. Their music is great! I also had my Business week with me and read while on the treadmill. When I was almost done with my workout, the lady next to me asked me if I got dizzy when I read. I told her no and that I couldn't walk on the treadmill if I didn't read. It was just too boring. She agreed. This was her first week at the gym and she said it had been hard for her. I told her I started out at 30 minutes and slowly worked my way up. We chatted a little more and then she told me I was an inspiration to her! Oh my god. I was so shocked that I could inspire anyone. I told her I would see her next week and then I went back to my apartment to shower and grab some food. I had a Smart Ones which I added Veggies too. Ymm. For breakfast I grabbed a Special K bar on the way out. This afternoon I went to the place where I interned last semester and one of the assistants even commented that it looks like I had lost some weight. I might not be able to visually tell myself, but I think others are noticing. How Exciting!!! I am not really sure what I am doing tonight, but I have lots of points for use, so I am not too worried =)

Closing thought: Why do they have a Godiva Chocolate display near the cash register of the Women's Department?

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