Sunday, October 23, 2011

Show: Wilco at the Ryman 10/1/11 and 10/2/11

So I never really got on the whole Wilco bandwagon, similarly to My Morning Jacket as well. However, since Wilco is one of my good friends favorite bands I figured I needed to go. And go I did. Twice.

The first night we got to the venue after the opener, Nick Lowe (We celebrated my birthday a few days late at City House which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Nashville.) Once the show started it became quite clear to me that every guy there had a man crush on Jeff Tweedy. I have no clue what songs were played, but I do know I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed watching the crowd. Wilco has some dedicated fans. Love the stage set as well. I loved the owl at stage right!

Night 1


Night 2 had much mellower crowd and Jeff Tweedy even acknowledged this. I actually enjoyed the show a little more because I felt more familiar with the band in general.  We had the same exact seats and Jeff Tweedy wore the exact same outfit, but it wasn't quite a repeat performance. Since the guy to girl ratio was pretty good at Night one, I was pretty sure I was going to find my future husband at night two. Sadly most of the guys at the show only had eyes for Jeff Tweedy. (I kid, I kid, sort of).

Night 2

I was pretty much sold on Jeff Tweedy when a friend told me he read the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" at a fundraiser for Rahm Emanuel.

Do you like Wilco? Do you have a favorite Wilco song?

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