Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Costume Time

I've never been a huge a fan of dressing up for Halloween. However, a few years ago some friends and I went to see the Avett Brothers at the Ryman and it just so happened to be ON Halloween. Despite the fact that I don't usually dress up, I was pretty insistent we dress up. And not just dress up, but a group costume.

It was pretty much the best Halloween ever.

I feel there is no way I can top that. (A big shout out to my mom who made the apple costume for my friend!) People were pointing at us. People were taking our picture. It was awesome. And then we went out for a few hours after the show downtown. Because that's what you do when you dress up as Fruit of the Loom.

I don't have plans to dress up this year. Is anyone dressing up this year???

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