Thursday, September 08, 2011

Family Pictures...Revisted

You might remember my previous family photo post taken around Christmas last year. This past weekend we were ALL together at the WVU/Marshall game and it was the perfect time to grab an updated family photo.

We were all Mounties on Sunday.

And because my brother and I rarely have our picture taken together:

Of course we couldn't leave out the cat Sox. Once we got home, I decided Sox also needed to share the Mountaineer pride. If she didn't hate me for the Christmas pictures, I am pretty sure she would be ok never seeing me again.

Sox with the WVU bandana.


Sox looks so happy to have her picture taken!


Actually, I am not sure who looks to be in more pain in the pictures. My brother or Sox?


Miz said...

SOX :)

Amy said...

Sox looks like Samuel a little bit. :)

Sarah said...

Miz, I actually sort of secretly like her too.

Amy, I just wish my parents had a Jersey to go along with her. And yes! They do look very similar!

organic meat winnipg said...

Love the cat picture.