Tuesday, August 30, 2011

12 Weeks

I am 12 weeks into my marathon training schedule. 12 weeks! 12 weeks of a hot, humid, southern summer. With training conditions like these I feel like I am ready for anything.  A full sized version can be viewed here. My training plan has been based on the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan with a few modifications.

Chicago Marathon 8.30.11

I just counted and in 12 weeks I went to 31 yoga classes. I still can't do all the arm balances I want to, but I am so much stronger. I definitely think yoga after long runs has helped a lot. On  the far right side of my chart is my weekly mileage. My first run over a half marathon distance was almost a month ago. It is still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that a "short" run is half marathon distance to me now.

Now that my mileage is increasing I am starting to focus on a nutrition plan for this bad boy. Thankfully I know how my body reacts to certain things, now I just need to map it all out.

On Saturday I will be running in the Charleston Distance Run. I can honestly say I never, ever thought I would run this race. Why would anyone want to run 15 hilly miles? This is a perfect training run for me and will help me calculate times and works a few things out like clothing, etc.  On Saturday when my training buddies are running the streets of Nashville, I will be running the streets of Charleston!

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Samantha D said...

Good luck! I definitely couldn't do that... and even if I could I'd like be "screw those hills" and go watch Grey's Anatomy lol