Monday, April 18, 2011

Low Sugar Lent: It's Almost Over

So there is a reason I didn't call it "No Sugar Lent" and that's because it hasn't been entirely sugar free. All desserts and sugary snack have been cut out of my daily diet, however there are things like Gatorade, Gu, and Luna Bars (before runs) which I have not given up because of the half marathon training. But for the most part, all other sugars have been limited. There are a few items that I know had sugar in them, but I didn't realize it until after I had already eaten.

These items would include:

  • salsa ( A LOT of store bought salsas have added sugar)
  • BBQ sauce. I ate a BBQ chicken pizza the day before my half a few weeks ago and didn't realize that the sauce probably had lots of sugar in it.
  • Bread and lunch meat. most breads and lunch meat have added sugars. Thank you Subway...for the 2 weeks I ate you multiple times a week because I was too lazy to pack my lunch.
  • BBQ Baked lays. To go along with the Subway of course. 
  • And I am sure there are other foods that snuck in without my knowing. 
Surprisingly, the majority of sugar cravings have gone away. I am snacking less in the evening and during the day. I'll see a dessert, but it's not like I have to have it. I almost don't even miss them...but that doesn't stop me from drooling over new desserts to make.

I haven't decided what I am going to do on Easter. If I am going eat sugar and dessert (and Ketchup) or stick with this low sugar thing. Maybe I will just buy myself a snack size bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs?

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Karen said...

I can only speak for myself, but I find the only way to keep the sugar cravings gone for good... is to steer clear of sugar for good.

When I eat sugar I turn into a kind of zombie, only instead of shouting "BRAINS" I'm all "SUGAAAARRRRR!!!!"

It is absolutely the worst thing for me, not just because it makes me gain weight but because it has a disastrous effect on my blood sugar and energy, and because it turns me into the aforementioned zombie.

I have found that using liquid stevia in most cooking gives an excellent result without kicking off my cravings.

Happy Easter!