Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I have written in a journal my fair share over the years. From the mandatory one I had to keep in second grade, to Weight Watcher point journals, to work out journals. And this year? I am going to keep a running journal or "Training Log 2011" if you will. I couldn't be more excited. And what makes it even more special? My friends are the ones who designed and created it. I know some pretty talented people.

Be jealous of this folks.

The Cover


I love this intro page.


Monthly view


Weekly view. I love the weekly miles and miles to date part at the bottom. I didn't keep track of this last year and I am pretty excited about doing it this year.


And scattered throughout are pictures and photos, all related to East Nasty and running.



Erin said...

Nice! Great motivator.
Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

What a great journal!

krissie said...

This is the coolest thing EVER!
Do you know where your dear, sweet friend had this done?
*crossesfingers* please be on the internet so I can make one for us!