Thursday, September 23, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

Let me first start out by saying I am independent to a serious fault and I hate asking for help.

So last night was run #12. "The Nasty". Just under 6 miles and a hilly 6 miles at that. It was warm, some would even say hot.

I finished in just under an hour.

I had a glass of gatorade and 2 ice pops.

I changed clothes and went to the bar. Instead of beer I decided to only drink water.

I had been there for almost an hour and I could tell something just wasn't right. I was ready to go, but I was waiting on a friend who said she would be there in 15 minutes.

And between the time she called and when she got there, I started feeling light headed and it was pretty obvious to myself and even to my friends that something was not right.

Things started to get blurry and I couldn't hear well. Before I fell, they made sure I sat down on the ground and put my head between my knees. Before I knew it, there was a small group around me. Someone had gone and gotten cold paper towels. Water was readily available. And chips and queso had been ordered, so I could eat something. Embarrassed would be an understatement. I just practically fainted in a bar.

While I absolutely hate asking for help, I am so, so thankful for my friends who where there to help with out even asking. And they made sure I got home ok, by following me home. Next time I am not going to let things get to this point, and I am going to ask for help in advance. I think I can apply this to other aspects of my life as well.

So, thank you Sara, Carmen, Dawn Joy, and Lindsey for all of your help last night!

And before you ask, I had eaten breakfast, lunch, and a small luna bar before the run. I also had been drinking plenty of water through out the day. I am not sure what caused it, but I made a doctors appointment today, to make sure everything is ok.

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