Friday, September 24, 2010

I Didn't Have a Camera By My Side

This morning I went for my first run since Wednesday. I met up with some girls from my running group at Percy Warner to run the nice and hilly 5.8 at 6 AM this morning. The sun wasn't up and the moon was shining bright. We were off and it was still dark. I remember coming to a break in the trees and it suddenly seemed light outside. After we turned a corner after the very last hill I suddenly struck with the sunrise. It was amazing and totally picture worthy.

A great run to start my Friday.

After work. I wanted to hit up the Lululemon showroom, before they closed before the new store opens. I treated myself to an early birthday present of running pants and yoga pants.

Also, I treated myself to the Williams-Sonoma donut cake pan and fall pumpkin bread pan. I can't wait to make some goodies using theses!

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