Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up

So life happens. And It's been a pretty boring one at that for the past couple weeks. It has pretty much consisted of me whining about my weight, eating and exercising well for a few days and then completely blowing it with the likes of things named "Brewer's Fest" or "Broadway Brewhouse" and my favorite "Fro-yo for dinner!" (I love desserts folks and in my eyes dessert is a balanced meal.) And maybe running a little bit.

Just like every other Facebook status of those who live in the South, it's hot hear folks. Really hot. I haven't experienced humidity like this, in I don't know, EVER. It's really hot. But lucky for me, air conditioning was invented. And lucky for me it works really well at my office. So well, that I wear a sweater every day and I keep a fleece in there when it gets really cold. I will be happy when fall gets here. My only request, it better not rain the entire month of September, my favorite month of the year.

Oh, so sometime in the past few weeks I have decided to run the St. Jude's Half Marathon in Memphis in December. This gives me plenty of time to train. I have created a pretty ambitious training schedule, yet it still has flexibility because here is what the next couple of months hold for me:

Seattle: August 20-29
Orange Beach, AL: Spetember 4-7
Chicago: September 16-19
YEASAYER: October 1
Work conference October 3-5
The National: October 3
Menomena: October 9
Local Natives: October 14
GAYNGS: October 16
The Avett Brother: October 29 AND 30
Mumford and Sons: November 1
MGMT: November 4
Mid-November: possible trip to NYC

And that isn't even everything. Why are all these trips and shows important? Because they are generally the events that trigger things such as excessive beer drinking, unwise food choices, and skipped gym sessions. This should get really interesting. But, I am up for the challenge.

And if you didn't see Arcade Fire this summer. I feel sorry for you. It was one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Their show on Monday at the Ryman was pretty incredible. I'll leave the review to Mr. Jones who will write something 100x better than I could.


Nikki said...

Dang, girl! I would love that concert schedule. I wish the Avett Bros would come to Cincy. But the National is my closely becoming my favorite band (I am seeing them in Louisville). So jealous!! :)

Iggy said...

Arcade fire is another addition to the white-people status bucket list.