Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Warrior Dash 2010

We came. We saw. We conquered. I can now call myself a warrior.


You know how I spent my weekend? A night of camping with the East Nasties in the Georgia mountains and 2.5 mile race with obstacles, including lots of mud and definitely lots of laughs. SO MUCH fun.

My wish is that everyone can have such a supportive and fun group of friends.


hootenannie said...

I can't decide what is better about this picture - your badassery (CHECK OUT YOUR MUSCLES!), or... Rod's sunglasses. haha!

krissie said...

Dude. This is the best picture I have ever seen. I think Nathan's jealous. He would love a race like that!

nathan said...

Yep. I need to convince them to have one in Lexington or Louisville or Cincinnati.

Sarah said...

Annie P this is the one photo I didn't post to Facebook because I was afraid it might scare people ;) And YES Rod's sunglasses are pretty spectacular.

Krissie and Nate BOTH of you would love a race like this!