Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Heart is Nashille

I don't really think I can articulate everything that has happened over the past few days. It's almost incomprehensible here folks. Incomprehensible to think this happened to Little 'ole Nashville. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. I love my community and I am bursting with pride to see how the recovery efforts have already started. I love how the people of Nashville are coming together to help one another. I have 3 days I can take off work PAID to VOLUNTEER and you better believe I will be taking them to lend a hand.

Do you want to help? Please spread the word, in case folks don't grasp the severity of what's going on. Temporary shelters are at capacity, missing people are unaccounted for, many homes are under water, we're in a water conservation emergency, much of Nashville's economic base is threatened by flood damage, etc, etc. We're going to need help Text 'REDCROSS' to 90999 to donate $10 to disaster relief. If you can't donate monetarily, please send your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you to those who have already donated.

In case you haven't seen any pictures. I leave you with some images that say more than I could ever write, as well as some other stories and videos.

The Grand Ole Opry:

Downtown Nashville:

We Are Nashville. A great post written by Patten Fuqua



This is absolutely nuts, but I'm so glad you posted this. And I'm glad you're safe dude.

*Christie* said...

I had no idea the severity of what was going on, I read you had a flood in your apartment but I had no idea the entire city was in so much trouble (that's what I get for not watching the news)... I'm so sorry for you and for everyone else dealing with this... I'm glad you will be volunteering for a few days and I will definitely make a donation!

Blossom said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was so bad down there. Terrible. Glad they are letting you help without penalizing you.

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I am glad you are ok!!! Glad you posted this :)

esther said...