Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday Morning Runs

So as part of my half marathon training group we have two group runs each week. There is a Wednesday night short run (around 4 miles) and a Sunday morning long run. Today was the first Sunday we ran at Percy Warner Park. We didn't actually run a trail today, but on the paved road. And let me just say it was far from flat. FAR from it. But it will be good training for the half since that course is far from flat either. The trail we ran was 5.8 miles and then I added on and extra 1.65 miles. My pace? 9.49/mile. I will take it! This course was hard. It was cold. And I have just had a really hard two weeks.

Picture 4

So speaking of the hard two weeks, ever since I got back from my ski trip my eating has been pretty out of whack. I went to the grocery store today and feel prepared for the upcoming week. I have been keeping up with my workouts, but I haven't been very mindful of my food choices. If I can run like I did today on little sleep, poor food choices, and drinking a few beers the night before, I just need to think about what I could do if I really focused all my efforts towards a more healthy lifestyle.

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*Christie* said...

That is a pretty damn impressive run if you ask me! Good luck getting the food choices back on track, but remember it's ok to stray once in a while and enjoy yourself as long as you get back into gear - it's a whole lifelong process and you are going to have beers, french fries, and chocolate cookies sometimes!