Wednesday, December 23, 2009

These Are My Confessions

1. I joined Weight Watchers 7 weeks ago.
2. I hadn't really been following the plan (umm, hello NYC, Thanksgiving, and loads of other excuses).
3. I was sick last week. So sick that I called in two days.
4. I lost 11 pounds last week. I tracked and ate as many points as I could (there was one day I wasn't able to eat all my points), but food just didn't taste good. Diet Coke didn't even taste good. And I drank lots and lots of liquids. And I ate out at multiple restaurants. And I skipped 4 days at the gym. Folks, that is pretty unheard of. I usually go to the gym 6 days a week.
5. I really want the poundage to stay off, but I know that a loss like that is unhealthy and not characteristic.
6. I still really want the weight to stay off.
7. I'm home for Christmas and scared shitless about all the food around that I normally don't eat back in Nashville. So far so good. I did have one piece of my mom's toffee. This in not normal at all. Usually I inhale the entire container no matter the size before I bring my suitcase in.
8. I'm back in the 190's.
9. I still really want the weight to stay off.
10. I am going to the gym tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday while I am home or at least getting some form of exercise.

Wishing you the best holiday with all of your loved ones!


Cathy B said...

Ditch the Weight Watchers, there is a much more effective way to lose weight without denial. Stick to a low GI eating plan, eliminate refined carbs and generally limit wholegrain carbs. Eat plenty protien, veggies etc, ditch the dairy, cows milk is full of growth hormones. If you eat this way most of the time the weight will reduce naturally and gradually.

Low fat calorie restricted diets such as Weight Watchers don't work as a long term solution for a couple of reasons for this. One fat is not the enemy, refined carbohydrate is and two any diet that restricts what you eat automatically has you thinking about all those foods you are not allowed! Take a look at my blog for some tips and advice on weight loss.
Weight Loss Specialist Blog

anna said...

good for you! i hope you do keep off that 11 pounds. and i know you can do it. although, you need to enjoy christmas. i hope you are having a wonderful holiday! can't wait to hear of your exploits when you get back!!
merry christmas!

Alethea said...

I hope you enjoyed the holidays with the family! =) Also, sounds like you started off the year off with the Resolution Run. Go Sarah! You've come a long way and I know how you feel aout not wanting to let all of your hard work "go to waste" with some weight gain. =) Believe me...I am there right now. Just take it one day at a time, chica! If anyone can do it, I know that you can!