Monday, September 14, 2009

The Results: Part Deux

My results:
Let me first start out by saying again I just wanted to finish under 30 and just maybe improve my time. I didn't do any real training and I had had a few off weeks.

I was in the female age group 25-29. There were 57 participants in this group.

I finished 14 out of 57 in my age division.

I finished 225 out of the 493 who wore timing chips.

I finished 72 among all women.

My chip time was 28:14.

My pace was 9:07.

Next 5k is October 10 and I hope to actually train a little for this one...

PS. My scale broke a few weeks ago and I ordered a new one. It was broken too and I sent it back. I am going scale free for reals for a while.

PPS RIP Patrick Swayze. I have loved Dirty Dancing since the second grade. I went and saw the 20th anniversary screening in the movie theater too, for one night only! (Don't judge!) One of my favorite clips is the Chippendales skit with another one of my favorites Chris Farley.


marie said...

WOOHOO! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

great work on the 5K. i need to do one soon...scard though, for some reason

couchSpud said...

Yesss what awesome times! Next month I'm doing a Halloween 5K that I'm pretty excited about. Everyone runs in costumes!

anna said...

well well wel...come back! and nice work!! you did GREAT!