Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a Quick Check In

So today I was born 27 years ago in Olympia, WA.

It has been a glorious day. A 5 AM workout. A McDonald's Diet Coke. Lunch out at Pei Wei.

I booked a trip to Big Sky, MT in January. I got the e-mail invite today. I booked a few hours later. I haven't been skiing in 6 years...this should be interesting.

Dinner out with friends at one of my favorite bars in Nashville. I realized tonight that I haven't been there nearly enough when the bartender and the manager told me they missed me. The bartender sent over a birthday drink for me. A Jack and Diane. Or a JDC. Or commonly known as a Jack and Diet Coke. My roomie got me a cookie cake! The picture can be seen here. I forgot my digi camera at home and I am still trying to figure out my new cell phone. They sang happy birthday to me. Another friend got me tickets to see Little House on the Prarie: THE (mother freaking!) MUSICAL! Staring Melissa Gilbert as Ma. I am beyond excited about this. I think it would be a little too much if I wore my bonnet, no?

In case you didn't click on the picture, I got a hair cut last week. A sizeable chop. And I love it.

When my mom was here in earlier this month, she brought me a bunch of birthday goodies from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I don't covet anything as much as I do my new Tory Birch black ballerina flats. THANK YOU mom! I also scored a sweet patent leather wide Betsy Johnson Belt and a cashmere scarf. And a very practical black North Face Fleece. My roomie got me a super sweet sandwich cookie cake set that ROCKS. My first (of hopefully many) cake pans from Williams Sonoma.

Last night I spent the evening at my favorite venue, the Ryman, seeing the Decemberists perform. It was amazing, minus that guy, yes that guy sitting in front of me, who yelled out "FREEBIRD" at the end of every song. Colin even made fun of him and he still didn't shut up.

In other news I haven't weighed myself in a month.

Unitl next time.


Easy Losing Weight said...

Never been to Nashville, I would love to visit sometime. How is the city?

esther said...

I think you should wear the bonnet :)

Blossom said...

Oh, happy birthday!!!

kaseybobasey said...

Happy stinkin' birthday!! I love the haircut...looks fabulous! :)

Liz said...

Hey Sarah, Happy Birthday.. I've never eaten a cookie cake before, how is it?

anna said...

happy birthday!!!!

your hair is amazing! I LOVE IT. it's so gorgeous and flatters your face!

i love big sky, mt.

that cookie looked delicious! was it as good as it looked?

yay for the decemberists.

and go ahead and wear your freaking bonnet!

who cares what you weigh if you are happy.

again, happy birthday!

p.s. my word is rifraf

Chris B said...

I care what you weigh. don't you? isn't that what this blog is about your weight loss journey. then what is all this talk about cookies and diet coke in drinks?

do you really want to lose weight? It doesn't sound like it.

you are doing fat thinking. unless and until you stop doing fat thinking consistently, like forever, you will struggle with your weight.

learn how to stop fat thinking. its free and will change your life.

get serious


Kjrsten said...

oh no, not the freebird guy! During the hazards of love no less?! What an idiot! Isn't the hazards of love brilliant!!!! Saw it at sasquatch, and had to go back for more when they came through portland, I don;t think I will ever tire of it!

Kjrsten said...

your haircut is awesome, you euro vaca looked spectacular!!
p.s. DMB
I won't judge you for liking them if you won't judge me for not :)!