Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pick 3 (and Vote For Your Favorite!)

So, since about 2006 or so I have wanted to go to the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris. 5 years ago I would have wanted to go, but wouldn't have ever dreamed of going because of my weight. Now, I want to go and I am still apprehensive about going, but that is only because I have never been there before. But this happens with most new places I have never been to before. I worry about entering the wrong way or not knowing where the bathroom is, etc.

So I will have a few nights in Paris and I want to go. My dilemma? I am fully prepare to throw down 25 Euro ($35 US) for a drink, but what should I wear? I have picked 3 base pieces, 4 if you count the bracelet and created several different looks. I need your help. Lurkers and regular commenters alike I DARE you to let me know what you think. Do you like any of the outfits or do I need to start all over? Questions about a specific outfit? Let me know!

the 3: a black skirt, pink heels, and a pink belt


Outfit 1


Outfit 2




Outfit 3




Outfit 4




Outfit 5




Outfit 6




Outfit 7




I know my favorite, but I want to hear from YOU! Check back in a few weeks to see which one I wear!


FatBoyThinMan said...

4 and 5 are super hot.

Nikki said...

Sarah - they're all so cute!! My faves are 2,4 & 5. Have so much fun!!

Ms. said...

This took a long time - - I am dizzy from going back and forth..ha ha. I like 4, but am unsure if the pink belt is hte way to go.

I love that you have so many clothes to play dress up in!

Wendy W said...

2 & 4

esther said...

4, 4 and 4

esther said...

ps: if it's going to be as hot as they say now, you will die in outfit number 5.

Anonymous said...

I think 4 is most appropriate for the outing. Havea great time!

Sarah said...

Thank you all for your votes! Keep them coming if you haven't voted yet.

Esther, please remember I live in the South. Have you forgotten the ATL or Bonnaroo already? The highs in Nashville are in the 90's with almost 50 percent humidity. I think our low is on par with the Paris high for next week. So, yeah I am slightly excited about the weather, but somehow I don't think you share the same excitement ;)

kaseybobasey said...

My votes going for 2 or 5 for sure! :)

petunia said...

You look gorgeous!
LOVE the belt.
I like no. 4, but it was a hard decision, these could all work.

Choose what you FEEL best in. Don't wear anything that you have to constantly adjust and can wear a comfy bra with (without worrying about the bra showing)

And most importantly have a blast and take pics!

Shayna said...

2!!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The top in outfit #1 is the cutest. # 2 is cute. The pink belt is a no on all counts in my opinion, its not really proportionate to your body.

esther said...

yeah, sorry - forgot about that. i don't like the heat :)

Anonymous said...

4! Love the pink belt.

Lisa said...

ok I just love your blog!! How I found it I have NO clue! I guess I was blog hopping lol
Is the belt in # 2 black If so that is my fav. If not the print top with the pink belt.. I like number 5 if you are going to be "formal". I do not care for the drapy one. You have small waist SHOW IT OFF. Wear somthing that fells good you want to be able to enjoy not think about tugging and pulling.. JMO

Ela Asisi said...

Outfit 4 & 5 are the best, I think! You may have to spend a bit on your first drink, but looking the way you do, you might get the next one on someone else! :) Have fun!

ered said...

A hundred times, 4!
The other ones are cute but 4 looks more like fun. Also I would keep the belt. Or you need something to *pop* it.

Blossom said...

My fave is that hot pink top!! But really, you look totally cute in all of them.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I vote outfit 2. :)

Nikosmommy said...

Ok, number 4 is the best... But I'm not so sure about the skirt?! (it's a bit conservative for Paris) You're tall, slim and cute!!...what about working some hot 7 for all Mankind or Rock and Republic jeans? (with the top, pink belt and a decent high heel of course...) Work it girl!!! :)

Susan said...


anna said...

i know it's late but #4 rocks! can't wait to see which you chose?

yolanda said...

4 looks great

Kjrsten said...

outfit 4, but i think its too late to vote. which one did you wear? did you go, how was it?