Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

I had a blast at my brother's graduation. I am so very proud of him. We are so different, but we share a similar sense of humor and time with him (and my parents!) always results in quite a few laughs. My eating was so/so. Can you say mom's sugar cookies and homemade buttercream frosting? I ran one morning and went to the gym another day. Two out of four days of exercise is a lot better than none at all.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

We decided to reenact the same post from my high school graduation 9 years ago. But with switching the places of my brother and I. Since my brother was in the 3rd grade he was quite a bit shorter than the rest of us, my parents insisted I sit down.


The graduation ceremony was 2+ hours and I was bored.


My brother, the high school graduate:


The high school graduate and I:


My parents ended up driving to Lexington on Monday with me. We got lunch together and did a little more shopping. I went down the road to Nashville and they went back to Charleston. It was a great weekend and I am really glad I was able to celebrate my brothers big day with them all.


Kimberly said...

Congratulations to your brother. I know that you were quite proud!

kaseybobasey said...

Isn't this awesome? I just attended my bros grad this past weekend...and I'm telling you, I'm astounded at how fast we're all growing up! I was SUCH a proud big sister at Kash's grad, as I'm sure you were at your brothers! Congrats to him! :)

Will (4xlt) said...

So, I can't honestly say "mom's sugar cookies and homemade buttercream frosting," but I sure as heck can say Mom's meatloaf, potato salad, and deviled eggs!

I'm gonna be home for a long weekend in about three weeks, and I'm going to have to be 100% hardcore diligent to make sure I don't gain ten pounds (like I did when I was home in December for my sister's wedding)!


anna said...

very cool! btw, is that a "cute day" outfit you are wearing??