Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4.20.09 Dave Matthews Band Pelhalm, AL

I have never been one for song by song set list reviews. This will be no different. I LOVE the new songs (Krissie I think you and Nate should pick this album up on June 2 and come back to the good side of DMB;)). But here is the set list in case you were wondering.

Don't Drink the Water*
Dreaming Tree*
You Might Die Trying*
Why I Am*
Rhyme And Reason*
Funny The Way It Is*
Ants Marching*
So Damn Lucky*
Corn Bread*
Grey Street*
Jimi Thing*
Anyone Seen The Bridge*
Too Much (Tease)*
Tripping Billies*

Blue Water (Tease)
Burning Down The House*
Pantala Naga Pampa

Show Notes:
*Jeff Coffin
+Dave, Carter, Rashawn and Tim

Highlights for me were early show Dreaming Tree, You Might Die Trying (To change the world start with one step...), Why I am (new song), Funny the Way It Is (new song and current radio single). Basically the whole show was amazing. I went in with ZERO expectations. I wasn't even really hoping to hear Two Step like I do at most shows. I didn't hear it and I wasn't disappointed at all. What?!? Who is this person? My seats were great and I am really looking forward to the show on Friday.

Here are a few pics I was able to take at the show:





esther said...

i'm pretty stoked you like the new songs so much. i haven't heard anything yet and i'll probably be the last one to receive the pre-order, so i'll be bursting with anticipation by then. can't wait!

kaseybobasey said...

freaking awesome! how is it possible you get to hear all this great live music? :)

Nikki said...

So that was 4.20.09, right? And i'm SO jealous!

Sarah said...

Yes it was on Monday! Good catch. The show was amazing :)

nathan said...

Rhyme & Reason has always been my favorite DMB song.

Those are some good pictures, too.

John said...

I love the picture at the top--nice job!