Monday, February 09, 2009

Not a Whole Lot to Report

Eating has been going really well. I am not tracking, but just trying to eat healthy foods.

I love my boot camp class. Last week I was sore every single day. Today I feel so much better. And we got to exercise outside this morning because it was warm enough!!!

I am day 8 of my Diet Coke Detox. I was originally going to give it up for Lent, but it had gotten pretty out of control, so I had to act ASAP. I will probably still give it up for Lent...or I was thinking chocolate, but I LOVE chocolate and literally eat a small bit almost every day. No chocolate for 40 days would be really hard.

Yesterday I ran (15 minutes) to the coffee shop to meet my friend when I could have easily driven! I also got to play tennis outside!

So last week I didn't weigh myself on Monday, but I did on Tuesday. I am down 11 lbs since Tuesday. However, I think much of the weight from Tuesday was bloat from Super Bowl food and swelling from flying on Sunday (Ever since my 20 hour flight home from Africa, I usually end up with elephant stumps for ankles...). So I am not going to get too excited about my big loss, just yet. But, I haven't seen a number this low in a while so it is a good feeling. 190's I can almost taste you!

Have a great Monday!


Rachel said...

Diet Coke detox - I am in awe. I should really do that... I wonder how it would contribute/not contribute to weight loss? I'm interested to see how you fare!

esther said...

i really like your new picture on here. it's very natural.

Sarah said...

Rachel! So far it has been going pretty well. I have had no headaches and have been drinking water when I go out to eat. The meals that I eat out have definitely been cheaper too!. Next week will be interesting to see how I do as far as the weight loss goes.

Oh Es, thank you! I like it too! It was taken when I was on the teacups at Disneyland a few weeks ago :)

anna said...

awesome!! a DC detox...amazing. i love your new profile pic! oh, and i really hope you will let me know when you are coming to town so we can meet for coffee.