Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Skinny Jeans

Up until this past Fall I did not have a pair of what women like to refer to as “skinny jeans.” You know those jeans you once loved. Those jeans you looked great in. Those jeans that just made you feel good. But somehow they became those jeans that no longer fit and you would love to wear again. When this happens they become skinny jeans. Sometimes you might be able to wiggle your way into them but the sight or the feel of them hugging your body just isn’t right.

I am now the owner of a pair of skinny jeans. I have a pair of size 12 darkish wash boot cut gap jeans that I love and just can’t wear right now. I remember wearing them on my birthday at the end of September and they were a little snug with a slight muffin top. Somehow during October it became impossible to put them on. With a little working out, I was able to squeeze into them by the time I went to Voodoo Fest in NOLA. I haven’t worn them since. I knew after a weekend of muffaletas, beignets, pralines, and alcohol there was no use in even attempting to put them on. And then the holidays came.

This year I don’t think I ate any more then I have eaten in past holiday seasons. I did however completely slack off in the workout department. And that hurt my waistline a lot. I am not going to dwell on the past (another post for another day, but Bob Harper’s Are You Ready? Has really helped with this idea.). I am however going to fit into those jeans again. I just tried them on and with a little wiggling I was able to zip them up. It wasn’t pretty, but I wasn’t even expecting to get them over my backside.

So what are you looking forward to wearing when you lose a few pounds?


Briana said...

Mostly I can't wait just get feel good again. I vaguely remember that feeling healthy just felt so good.

Bah... I definitely have a pair of those jeans, which I've certainly stretched out to get into, but the moment they get washed they are back to size: way-too-small.
I guess the first step is always putting the damn jeans on, which I am avoiding!

Natalie said...

I wanna wear a fitted T with short sleeves in the summer and not see the indents of all my under armor :)
Keep working out!! The gym is my best friend, it keeps me "up".

esther said...

quite simple; my old jeans and a stretch cotton top. and look good in it, like i used to.