Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Game

So my plans didn't go quite as I had expected. I was planning on leaving work at 4:30, but I had to wait around until 5:30 to get the tickets. I rushed home, met my friends, and headed to the showcase. Perfect timing for the showcase and walked in right before they started playing. Stayed for everything but the encore. But with all of that I had no time to eat.

For the game we had a parking pass and we got to use the secret (or what is also known as the season ticket holder entrance) and we missed the announcing of the starting line ups, but we were in our seats before the start of the game. So you all might know I can be a seat snob when it comes to concerts, sporting events are a completely different animal. I have fun no matter where I sit. But let me just say OH. MY. GOD. I had the best seats I will probably ever have for a hockey game in my life. We were on the freaking glass, front row. Not only that, but we were RIGHT next to the Pred's penalty box. And when I say right next to, I mean right next to. Every time there was a shot of a Pred in the penalty box I was in the shot on the jumbotron. I kid you not. Had I been some crazed hockey fan I could have stuck my arm in between the plexi glass barrier and touched the players when they were in there. At this point I was hungry and paid $16.50 for a grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and a diet coke. (I am not really sure what I was planning on eating, but I probably could have done without the fries...) But I am completely ok with price because I got 4! $175 dollar front row hockey tickets for free. There was a fight right in front of us and I got to bang on the glass and it was AWESOME! Oh and the non-skating official gave me 2 hockey pucks, so Jenny and I both got one.

Yeah it was awesome. It was fun. And I can't believe how incredibly lucky I am to have been given the tickets.

P.S. I made it to the gym this morning :)

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M said...

sounds like you had a great time! Congrats! I'm like you with sports seats- I don't care too much but now you have me wanting to sit close for a hockey game :)

yea for getting up and going to the gym!