Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Birthday Weekend Recap

Friday: I went to an evening reception at my professor/mentor's house to celebrate this accomplishment! A 23rd raking in only 5 years as director of the program is amazing. Note to self: Need to work on "working a room". I really wish I was more charismatic or had more confidence in my networking skillz.

Saturday: I started the morning off splitting a warm pumpkin skinny chip muffin. Then it was flag football practice. Followed by lunch at a sports bar to watch the Ole Miss/Florida game with some friends. I hit the gym after. My parents and brother sent me some gorgeous pink roses for my birthday and they were waiting for me when I got home. Home to get ready for dinner with my current roomie and another old roomie. Had a fabulous pineapple margarita, gauc, and french dip sammie with asparagus instead of fries. They surprised me and got me dessert and sang happy birthday to me. Home to play the we with another friend.

Sunday: Up early to head to the lake. I had an amazing 85 minute walk/hike by myself. Quite peaceful and listened to some DMB and I suddenly remember why I love that band so much. Home to shower and then I hot the mall. Bought about $100 in new clothes at the gap. 1 dress, 5 shirts, and 1 sweater. Mani (signature black of course) and pedi. Then I swung by Las Paletas for one of the best treats ever- a chocolate mint popsicle. Headed to a going away party for a friend and then hit my bar for dinner. Had a great time with my friends and ate too much pizza, well I wasn't feeling sick or anything but it was more than I should have eaten. Only 3 drinks. And no dessert! My friend did get me a cupcake, but I didn't eat it until Monday. It was a great birthday and it is SO hard to believe I am 26.

The Raconteurs at the Ryman was amazing. A very short set though and a pretty diverse crowd. I got the Hatch show after waiting in line for 45+ minutes. Only my second time sitting in the balcony though...I have become quite spoiled by really good floor seats.

Pictures of most events to follow!

Still no update, but things went well yesterday (or at least they seemed to go well) so hopefully I should know by the end of the week.

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