Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's My Friday!

That's right. Tonight is the start of my weekend! I have tomorrow off, however I will be getting up at 5 AM for my boot core class, so it's not quite the same.

For the most part I ate pretty well today. I just hope I can keep it up this evening when I go to my bar tonight to see a friend DJ. I however did not eat very well last night. I ate lots of potato chips and lots of chocolate ice cream with peanuts and chocolate sauce on top. So I didn't go to the gym this morning either. My mom thinks I am too hard on myself and I tend to agree. It's not like I eat poorly all of the time, but when I do, I really do.

I got my haircut today. I love getting my hair cut because they massage my head and shoulders. I like it. I am trying to grow it out. I was looking at some pictures from last year and I realized I missed my long hair.

Tomorrow I plan to relax all day and run a few errands. Yeah! And I am going to a butterfly Boucher show tomorrow!!!


Iggy said...


Pics or it didn't happen.

tash said...

yay for it being your Friday!

KL said...

I'm so excited about you doing boot camp! Wow! I've heard mixed things, but I'm glad you've enjoyed it.
Sorry I've been a sucky blogger. I'm trying to get back on track.
I love the John Mayer quote at the top!

marc said...

I know what you mean about REALLY eating poorly when you do.

I'd swing from chicken breasts and veggies all week to five different fastfoods in a DAY.


Mind if I link you up? I'm sort of looking for blogs I can read to keep me motivated with my own weight loss goals :P