Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The scale read 241 this morning and I am ok with that. =) I just got back from the gym and man did it feel good. A week break is a long time. I am going to go in the morning tomorrow before class. At the gym tonight I saw one of the student workers who I saw last week at lunch. When I saw him last week he said he hadn't seen me in a while and asked me if I was still working out. I told him I was, but not at the same time everyday because of my crazy schedule and the fact that the gym is sooooo crowded right now. He told me I should come on the weekends. So, tonight he was pretty excited to see me and asked if I would be coming at this time all the time. I told him I wasn't sure. I am not really sure if I am reading to much into this or if he is just being friendly.

On another note, one of the greatest compliments I recieved over the past week was from my roomate. Upon my return from Seattle when she was picking me up at the airport she told me she hardly recognized me because I looked so skinny =) Man that felt good and only keeps me motivated =)

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