Monday, March 15, 2004

Blah! I am just having one of those days. This was my first day back at classes. After I made it to the gym. I did 30 minutes of aerobic excersie on the elliptical and about anhour of weight training. Man I am sore! Different muscles this time so I guess that is a good thing. I have eaten horribly today too! A chicken taco salad without the shell for lunch and then a grilled chicken sandwhich with fries for dinner. argh! I should have just had something at my apartment for dinner. My snacking seems to be out of control too. I am not binging or anything, but it just seems to me that I snack a lot.

I decided not to count last week. I journaled it while I was home on a week journal my mom had left over from the old WW plan. I did not bring my main journal home with me. It wasn't like I ate horribly well at least not too badly, but it was the week after I was sick. I need to get back on plan!!! I know I can do it. I think I just am hitting a slump right now. I am worried about what I will weigh tomorrow too. Just right now my jeans felt not as loose as the used to so that is freaking me out too. I think it is all in my head though. Hopefully. Well the scale will tell me tomorrow.

On a good note, since I have been back at school I have been to the gym for the past 3 days. Go me! I might even squeeze in some time on the elliptical tomorrow. wow, I would have never said that 3 months ago. At dinner tonight I was talking about this hot guy at the gym who I see a lot. I talked to him once when we were with a group of friends at a baseball game but I don't know his name. He is hotttttt!!!! I see him at the gym every Sunday. I need to ask the crush what his name is because I know they know each other. I wonder if that will make the crush jealous???? haha. SO, my friend told me she was impressed that I had kept my resolution this long as was still going to the gym. I politely told her it wasn't a resolution. That's it. It wasn't a resolution. It was a complete lifestyle change. Nothing to be broken here. I know there will be days when I don't want to go or can't but it is not like I will be breaking anything. My whole views on my body have changed. I want to be healthier and fit. I really do like the gym now. I even might be getting a little obsessed, but I won't let it get out of hand.

Another thing, the crush is not graduating in May. So that gives me a full year to get my body in shape before he might be leaving Nashville for good. I am not doing this so he might think I am pretty or something. I am doing it for myself, but I want him to see my progress. My goal is to be 200lbs by December or close to it.

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