Saturday, February 14, 2004

Thursday was quite hectic and I didn't really eat a full meal until dinner at Buca de Beppo where I went way over points. It was so yummy though! I didn't stuff my face, but I did eat a little bit of everything which left my tummy hurting by the end of the night. I also had cookie cake. Hey it was to celebrate my roomate's birthday ;)

On Friday I went to the gym like I do every week and one of my friends was there. I new she did weight watchers, but we had never talked about it. She asked me how much weight I had lost because she could tell I had lost some. I told her about 15 lbs. I then told her I was doing WW but not going to the meetings. She said that every Tuesday her and her roomate have a meeting in their apartment because she goes to the meetings, but her roomate doesn't. She invited me to come! How awesome is that????? Also while we were talking, the girl on the elliptical next to me asked us if we were talking about WW? I told her we were. She said she lost 80 lbs!!!! Oh my gosh I would have never guests by looking at her. I worked on the elliptical for 1 hour and then I did weights with my friend!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I have started weight training. I am sore today, but I am so happy I started doing this!!!

Yesterday, I tried on a skirt I love and it was way too big!!!! I am using that as a gauge for my weight loss. I went to taget yesterday. I have never bought something that didn't fit in hope of losing weight to fit into it, but I did yesterday. The XL top fits, but the size 16 skirt will take a couple months to get into it. The outfit is gorgeous and I new I had to have it. They had like 4 skirts left and they actually had a 16. So my goal is to be in it by end of the summer or at least close to being able to fit into it. I'll post pictures when I do!

Ok, time for lunch!

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