Monday, December 17, 2012

An Inherited Trait

My mom was never the best about sending cards or packages in the timeliest of fashion. I think I have inherited this trait from her. I would say that there is probably a 50/50 chance something will get out on time if it involves a trip to the post office and/or stamps.

I have had a package I've need to mail for a week now, but just couldn't get around to finishing it up until yesterday. And to make the Post Office trip even more fun, I also had to fill out the Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note. Form 2976-A, in case you were wondering.

I found a spot in the parking lot and the line was out the door. I filled out the form making sure to print legibly and write hard as it was a quadruple copy I was making. I got in line and waited and waited and waited some more. I worried that I hadn't filled out the form right or I wrote the address out incorrectly. I noticed a lady a few people behind me with the same form. Hers was not filled out as complete as mine was and wondered if she knew something I didn't know.

I finally made it to the counter and told Jim the Postman that I hoped I had filled everything out correctly. He took the form from me and started to literally peck away at his keyboard. As he was pecking he asked me if I had filled out this form before. I told him I had not. He then told me that it was very thorough. I replied to him saying that I try to be thorough in all that I do. I received a compliment from the post man!

I may not be timely but at least I am thorough.

Esther, I am sorry your birthday/Christmas package will most likely be late (you can blame it on my mom for passing this trait down to me)!


Garry Brown said...

You might have gotten that trait from your dad, too. Love, Dad

esther said...

Ha ha - we must be distant family Sarah because this could be about me!

I can hardly wait until it gets here though :)