Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There Are Bad Times But That's Ok.

Woah! I am alive. Barely it seems. Actually things are going quite well. The past few days have been interesting. Work is busy. I coordinated a funeral (not for myself or family or friends, but for work). That is one event I never considered would be a part of my work duties and I have coordinated all types of events. It's be rainy and humid and hot. Oh the joys of living in the South. And a cooler leaked in my trunk and it smells like something died in the trunk. No joke. I am working on the smell, but if you walk by my car, I apologize in advance. And if I have to give you a ride, you deserve a cookie... It's just hard for things to dry out when it is so darn humid!

Anyway. I am 3 or 4 weeks into marathon training. I am not really sure. Who's counting anyway? But it's going well given the previously mentioned heat. I am doing lots of yoga. One of my teachers is really challenging me and pushing me out of my comfort zone in an awesome way.

Whenever I have a crappy to me day I usually find myself listen to the Dave Matthews Band song Pig. Seriously, just the kick in the butt I needed. A day that started with tears ended with a run and good friends. And Pizza. (And still trying to get that darn smell out of my car, but I'll forget about that for a few hours...)

There are bad times 
But that's ok 
Just look for love in it 
Don't burn the day away


The Blonde Mule said...

Hello, friend! First of all, try sprinkling kitty litter into your trunk. It'll soak up the water & get rid of the smell. Trust. Secondly, remind me where you yoga? Steadfast?

Keep at it! I see you running all the time & you look happy & strong!

Christine said...

Next to Nancies, that is my favorite DMB song. There are so many great messages!

Amanda said...

I miss you. You are awesome. And inspiring. And I really hope your trunk funk goes away soon.

I'm running again, looking forward to my first 5k.

Good luck with marathon training!!

TIM said...

A few minutes ago i was very sad about my life and was counting my sad moments throughout this year. After reading your interesting article i felt hopeful that things will improve. Even though things are not going as planned, i going to focus on the little positive things happening in my life. I am quite sure that you will achieve your weight loss goals very soon too. I feel inspired today because of you. Thanks.