Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mumford and Sons. Ryman. YES!

Good things are on the horizon folks.  Back in 2010, the Mumford and Sons show I went to at the War Memorial was one of the best shows I saw that year, and I saw some pretty stellar shows which also included Arcade Fire, Conan, Bonnaroo, and DMB.

My friends and I were just lamenting last week about the lack of shows coming to the Ryman this spring. Well we hit the jackpot. Not one, not two, but THREE nights of Mumford and Sons. Yep. I'm lucky. Life is good. And now I just have to wait two months for these shows.



esther said...

Wow. Also, the poster? Wow.

nathan said...

Punch Brothers are coming to Lexington on April 17th, so we're pretty excited about that. Maybe one day Mumford will make the trip.