Thursday, November 10, 2011

Show: The Avett Brothers at Bridgestone Arena 10/28/11

I've loved the Avett Brothers for a few years now, so when a show was announced at the 18,000+ seat Bridgestone Arena I was a little torn. I love them, but I didn't love the idea of seeing them in an arena. I agreed to go to the show, only after spending an afternoon this summer at the Brewer's Fest.

So Social Distortion was the opener and it just didn't work well. I am not super familiar with The D and this show didn't really make me want to check them out any further.


Now, The Avett Brothers are always a fun show. However, this show was really just hard to get into. I definitely think a lot of it had to do with it being an arena show with 7,000 other concert goers. They usually have a good amount of energy and but unless you were up front in the GA floor at this show, the energy just didn't translate to the rest of the arena. A new album release probably would have helped too. I feel almost like I have seen this show each year for the past 3 years. At the show I couldn't help but think about my friend Rod who has essentially seen them in a venue the size of a basement which just happens to be a basement size venue called, you guessed it The Basement. The Avett Brothers are one of his favorite bands and even he skipped out on this arena show. I couldn't be more happy for the Avett's success, but I long for the day now when I can see them at the Ryman or in the backlot of Grimey's Record store. They have worked hard for their success and it seriously could not have happened to what seem like a pretty grounded and humble band. If they come back to Nashville I will definitely have to think about it before committing to go to the show.


And just to show how random my life is. One night I am at the Avett Brothers show, the next day I am at work and a Lauren Alaina is performing. (I had no clue who she was until a few weeks ago...I don't watch American Idol. The sole reason I had this picture taken was because my mom loves American Idol...)


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nathan said...

The Avett Brothers played at Rupp a few weeks ago. We've been spoiled by Woodsongs and shows at smaller venues just like you mentioned. I wish we'd had the sense to see them before they 'blew up'.