Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Velvet Snow

On Friday I will arrive in Lake Tahoe. On Saturday I will be skiing. I am going skiing with the same group that I went with last year. Last year I remember being nervous because I only knew one other person that was going. But I feel just as nervous, if not more so, this year. I am trying to figure out why. I know I am the least skilled skier of all those going, but now I actually know everyone going. Last year it didn't seem so intimidating because I didn't actually know how good everyone was at skiing. I know once I get there and get my skis, go down that first run, and eventually wipe out (it's bound to happen), I will feel a lot better.

I do know that if I ever have kids I will be teaching them how to ski when they are young. Do you ski? If you do ski, where?

Come Saturday I will be wearing this jacket and attempting to hit the slopes in Lake Tahoe.


And just for kicks, this is the video I took in Big Sky last year, when I was pretty much the only person on the "green run":


Chasing Daylight* said...

You are awesome - - what does the green run mean? It must be harder than the rest, I presume.

I hope to see a new video of this years trip!

the handygraham said...

whatever...go own that mountain! Visualize and do it.

I think I may post a blog today to make you feel better about this. 8) or maybe just give you yet ANOTHER reason to laugh at me.

esther said...

I don't ski, because it makes me nauseous. However, I am SO jealous you're going to Tahoe. Kiss a mountain for me.

Duane S said...

Steamboat Springs is my favorite place to ski. And, as my friend once said: "If you don't fall, then how do you have any fun?". Good words.

Joner said...

I bet you are rockin' those slopes!! :) I totally bit it coming into the area where you get back on the embarrassing!!