Wednesday, December 08, 2010

December 8

Today brought me a dog. And a dog bowl...with hot dogs? Or sausages?


Also, TWO people mentioned that they loved the Legos. And in case you wondered how the Lego Advent calendar works, I took some additional pictures. But basically every morning I open the flap and pull out a little plastic bag with pieces. On the inside of the flap is a diagram of what the figure should look like. Pretty easy.

The whole shebang:

A "flap":

Please note that I had to do a little more than just put the head on the snowman. But these are Lego's here people. And if you can't put something together with just the picture and not step by step instructions, you probably shouldn't be playing with them...

Oh, and in case you don't live in Nashville, it is cold here people. Really cold. I am ready for fall. Fall of 2011.

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Joner said...

So fun!! I love it!