Saturday, December 18, 2010

And the Thunder Rolls

So last night I went to a concert. I seem to go to a lot of concerts. But last night was special. I got to see Garth Brooks. And I had never seen Garth before. Shocking I know.

I am self proclaimed ticket snob. I am spoiled. I get good seats to most shows I go to. And I am very lucky. I know this. But every once in a while I don't have good seats.

And last night I had what were quite possibly the worst seats I have ever had. Second to the last row of a 16,000 seat arena.

And who is the only person I would happily pay to see a show knowing I was almost in the last row?

Garth Brooks.

And it was so much fun. So much fun that I am going to try to see another one of his shows on Monday or Tuesday! (He's doing a 9 show benefit for flood relief.)


So we realized that we could go up to the last row and have more room to dance. So I was actually in the last row for the last half or so of the show. That's the silver metal wall behind us at the very, very top of the Sommet.


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