Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Burn the Day Away

My friend Esther just wrote this about me and my interactions on a now defunct message board and when she met me in real life (yes, real life vs. the internets yo!): Sarah-the quiet type who hardly ever posted, was in fact an incredibly determined, vocal and thoughtful lady, who trots the globe like she owns the thing (and most of the time, she does).

I feel like I hardly ever post here anymore. I will be back at some point, just figuring some things out, like how I can trot around the globe some more AND own it :)


Nikki said...

That Esther's and insightful one! :)

Creeper McCREEPYson said...

Esther and you are very photogenic on your FB pics.

Not trying to be Creepy McCreeperson, here. #justsayin... oh wait. We're not Twitter.

esther said...


sabina said...

If you're serious about globetrotting, I'm in the market for a travel buddy for a RTW trip starting Jan '11. I'm late 20's, female, and determined to get off the interweb and into real life.