Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Race

The race is a mere four (4!?!?!) days away. I can hardly believe it is here. In case this is your first visit, the race that I speak of would be the Country Music Half Marathon (13.1 miles?!?!?!). I have spent the last few weeks in search of the perfect race pant. You see, I don’t run in shorts. It’s a hang up of mine. I have maybe been to the gym 3 times in shorts. It a self-conscious issue and I am not sure I will ever get over it. So onward with the pant search.

The main lesson I have learned on the great pant search:

Drawstrings are necessary. N-E-C-E-S-S-A-R-Y

I know, you were all waiting for some earth shattering revelation, but NEVER buy pants without a drawstring unless they are yoga pants.

After trial and error I found the winning pair. Thanks to the lovely Sara and Courtney (who also run with East Nasty) at Lululemon and my mom I will be wearing the Run: Empower Crop II pant on Saturday. YEAH!!!!

The shirt wasn’t quite as hard. Back in January I signed up for one of the East Nasty Running shirts. There were samples to try on and order the right size. I naively started with a medium (8-10) that was pretty much like sausage casing on me. I moved up to the large (12-14) that I thought would be the one, but it was kind of short. I ended up ordering an XL (16-18). Extra Large? Really? WTF? This was especially awesome when all the girls were like “These shirts run big! I need an extra small.” I wrote my name down and put the XL besides my name wondering if I would be the only one. But you know what, I was ok with it. I needed the bigger size because I needed a longer shirt. The shirts came last week and there was a slight panic moment (for me at least) when they couldn’t find the XL women’s shirt. That is singular. As in I was the only one. They told me to hold on to the large while they searched some more and surely a large would fit me. I held it up to my chest and it was pretty much like a baby shirt. But, praise the Lord, they found the XL! (It is rumored that there might be one more, so whoever else has the other women’s XL, welcome to the club!) I am now the owner of my first East Nasty Running shirt, and hopefully not my last. Good luck to all the runners on Saturday!

You know what? These shirts run short. I’ll happily take the extra large ☺


hootenannie said...

Nervous now that my shirt is going to be too small.

Nervous about ALL SORTS of things on Saturday - weather being #1.


Sarah said...

Umm, You have been training in the Mile High City. I am sure you will do amazingly well. Weather was discussed tonight and I was the only one not really too concerned with the weather...I am sure I will start freaking out on Friday :) Safe travels and see you on Saturday!

sara said...

I agree with the drawstrings! My favorite pair of black capri running pants are now too big in the waste and I can't wear them anymore boooooo. Good luck on SAT!

krissie said...

I am so excited for you1 And, no matter what the weather, you will be fine. Just think of me and Nathan soaked to the skin before our race even started. And we made it out alive.

Can I just say that I am INSANELY jealous? I have had a blog crush on Annie Parsons FOREVER and here she is, on your blog. Makes me wish I were running with you tomorrow instead of the tomato festival race. I guess I should say in addition to the tomato festival, because we will SO be there.

We'll be thinking about you as we run our wimpy 5K! Best of luck, girl!

anna said...

good luck tomorrow! i will be thinking of you while i take on 4 miles. ha ha. just kidding. you are my idol!! you will do great. and i would have ordered the XL too!

Lindsay said...

Good lucky!!! And way to on all your training. I am a new runner and am also doing a half.

anna said...

pins and needles over here...how did it go????
p.s. my word is bold ran