Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confession Time

So you know what I "ate" for dinner last night? I had a Yazoo Pale Ale after my 6 mile HILLY NASTY run. See the course here and check "show elevation". Miles 2.5-5 were a real bear. And that's putting it in the nicest way possible.

Upon my return home around 9:30, I should have just gone to bed. Instead, I thought I should eat some dinner. You know what I ate? Stroopwafels. I ate the entire bag of mini stroopwafels from Trader Joes. (Scroll down to the bottom to see the bag I ate from. In my defense it wasn't like the bag was pink and white frosted animal cookie big. It was decently sized...)

These are my confessions yo.

P.S. I am eating Mexican food for dinner tonight! You know what that means? Chips and salsa, and maybe some queso and guac...

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esther said...

Coincidentally, I just had Mexican. And margaritas. And now my tummy hurts :(