Thursday, November 06, 2008


So a couple weeks ago my roomie and I were watching The Biggest Loser. She was pretty amazed that someone could lose 5+ pounds a week sometimes. I told her if she really watched what she ate and worked out at the gym, she would be surprised and might be able to do it too. (I also told her that since she doesn't really need to lose weight, this might not happen either...) I know that after a period of time where I eat whatever I want and don't exercise regularly and then start doing it, there is usually a pretty big loss on my scale the next week. And I also told her that your weight can fluctuate a lot over the course of a day. She tells me that the last time she weighed herself was at the doctors. I was completely shocked by this because, well, there have been days when I have weighed myself MULTIPLE times a day. I was also a little jealous that her weight is seriously like the last thing she thinks about. And she never really monitors her food portions either or anything diet related. She just eats what she wants when she wants. But she never overeats. She stops when she is full.

So we decided we were going to have a Biggest Loser: Roomie Edition and see what would happen. Wednesday was supposed to be our weigh day. I was 208 and she was 147 and about 5'8". I think at one point I had some delusions that I one day could weigh 150lbs. Umm, no freaking way. There is no way my frame could handle that weight. I know women like Diet Coke and Zingers can totally rock the amazing height and lower number, but I am just not sure it is in the cards for me.

***We ended up having to postpone the competition...if you could even call it that...we (she) were (was) only going to watch what we ate for a week.***

So I am back. Back to weight training (squats, dead lifts, pressed) and cardio. Back to monitoring my food intake. Back to gaining muscle. And hopefully back to losing some weight. I mean 208, is just not acceptable.

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